is a designer and artist based in Muscat, Oman and Brooklyn New York. A fresh graduate from Parsons with a BFA in Communication Design, Ali’s main interests lie in typography, working on editorial projects, and making typefaces.


Degree Project: Al-Haneen Miskeen
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Domina Display Specimen
MENA Film Festival 
Book of Many Things
50: A Personal Archive
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Titanic Rising


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is a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Their major interests lie in the intersection of design, history, culture, and memory.
    They are currently studying Communication Design at Parsons School of Design and are expected to graduate May ’22.  

Al-Haneen Miskeen is an ongoing body of work that explores our relationship to nostalgia and how it can be visualized, recorded, and shared. It looks at how cultural ephemera from our past can shape our present and inform our future.
    Beginning from an interest in the highly transformative time period of the Omani Renaissance, the project investigates archiving artistic and cultural details of landmarks erected during the 1980s, when the renaissance was at its peak. Now these landmarks serve as symbols of a bygone era, reminding us of how much the world around them has changed.
    To emphasize this distinction between past and present, a video comparison of driving footage from the time period and today creates moments of contrast that elicit feelings of amazement and reflection at how much things have changed. To better understand these feelings, a visual and interview-based study was performed to explore how peoples’ nostalgia manifests and what connotations these memories hold.
   The final output of the project is a publication that discusses all of the methods of designing in question, namely; visualizing, recording, and sharing. It uses the voices of Omani youth to delve into their relationships to nostalgia and how its many forms, illustrated in this project, has affected them.

All the work was showcased in a Pop-up hosted in the Parsons Building.

Degree project at Parsons School of Design supervised by Andrew LeClair

Al-Haneen Miskeen Posters 

Al-Khuwair to Qantab: A Comparison Across Time 

Who remembers anyway? An exercise on nostalgia and memory

Muqabalat: Issue 01

Al-Haneen Miskeen Pop-up