is a designer and artist based in Muscat, Oman and Brooklyn New York. A fresh graduate from Parsons with a BFA in Communication Design, Ali’s main interests lie in typography, working on editorial projects, and making typefaces.


Degree Project: Al-Haneen Miskeen
Domina Display Regular
Domina Display Specimen
MENA Film Festival 
Book of Many Things
50: A Personal Archive
Conversations & Footnotes
Titanic Rising


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is a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Their major interests lie in the intersection of design, history, culture, and memory.
    They are currently studying Communication Design at Parsons School of Design and are expected to graduate May ’22.  


If you could choose 256 images that were the most important to you, the most formative for you, which would you choose? In this project, 256 images were taken from online personal archives (Instagram saves, Arena, and Pinterest) as well as from across the internet and compiled into a poster.
The 50 most important images were then rendered into a book with descriptions. 

8” x 10” spiral bound French Paper newsprint and Domtar vellum in Daffodil. Cover is gold risograph ink on Takeo NT Rasha in black.

16” x 30” poster on Blick printmaking paper